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SNAP-8 10mg


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SNAP-8 is somewhat related to botulinum toxin, the active ingredient in the anti-wrinkling medication known as Botox. More specifically, it is a fragment of SNAP-25, which is in turn a compound released by botulinum toxin.[1] Consequently, SNAP-8’s effects and mechanism of action are similar. Effectively, botulinum toxin works by paralyzing muscles, most notably in the face. This causes increased elasticity and constricting of such muscles, resulting in visible changes.[2][3]

Scientific Studies

In early 2007, a team of researchers studied the effects of SNAP-8. They prepared it into two separate topical formulations, a cream and a gel. Findings did not demonstrate any adverse effects of the compound.[1] Another study in late 2012 studied medicinal uses of SNAP-8 in situations that botulinum toxin is typically used. SNAP-8 was administered to subjects with spasmatic facial symptoms. Improvement in symptoms were observed for up to 7 months.[4]






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