BPC-157 2mg

BPC-157 2mg

BPC-157 2mg


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BPC-157 has been known as a healing peptide, as multiple animal studies suggest.[2] The exact mechanism of action is not fully understood, but scientific studies have suggested that its properties arise from stimulating growth factors in angiogenesis. In short, BPC-157 enhances the rate at which new blood vessels are formed.[2] 

Scientific Studies

Several trials indicate a correlation between the administration of BPC-157 and enhanced muscle, tendon, and ligament repair.[3][5] In a study on rats with various muscular bruises and corticosteroid-induced injuries, BPC-157 was seen to be rather effective. Subjects that were treated once, either through topical creams or injection, showed limited improvement over two weeks.[3] However, subjects that received regularly administered treatments healed completely at a quicker rate, completely reversing all damage.[3] 


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