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AICAR has a well documented mechanism of action, with an array of studies to back it up. It is an analog to adenosine, a compound associated with energy production in living organisms.[2] In essence, AICAR enters cells and interacts with a protein called AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK. Upon interacting, AICAR triggers energy producing, fat reducing mechanisms inherent to AMPK.[3]

Scientific Studies

A study in late 2018 studied the potential effects of AICAR on mitochondrial cells. Mitochondria were exposed to AICAR chronically and acutely. In both circumstances, a decrease in ATP, a molecule used to store energy, was noted. This would suggest that AICAR encouraged the rates of energy production in these cells.[3]

An early 2003 study noted the effects of AICAR in rats. The rats were subcutaneously injected with AICAR for five consecutive days, and insulin action was monitored in them. Levels of insulin in non-control group rats indicated a relationship between AICAR and muscle building potential.[2]







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