Thymalin Beta 4

Thymalin Beta 4

Thymalin Beta 4


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Thymalin 4 beta / TB 500’s mechanism of action is associated with the formation of new cells throughout the body. This protein encodes for other necessary proteins and processes that are linked to the formation of actin. Actin is a vital protein associated with the structure of all cells, especially those of muscle cells.[3]

Scientific Studies

Many studies on the effects of thylamin 4 beta / TB 500 are still ongoing, but appear to support the regenerative and enhancing effects of the protein. Several animal studies have linked its administration to increased healing throughout many types of cells and organs. These include the heart, cornea, and various layers of skin.[5] Studies in humans have pointed towards similar findings. Subjects who have different heart diseases have been observed to recover at increased rates when administered thymalin 4 beta / TB 500.[6]









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