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T3 liothyronine is a synthetically engineered form of the thyroidal hormone triiodothyronine. It works by substituting itself into the processes triiodothyronine usually works in, effectively bypassing the need for triidodothyronine’s endogenous synthesis. From there, it sends out hormonal signals that stimulate metabolic rates. It also affects protein synthesis rates.[2]

Scientific Studies

A 2015 study observed and documented the effects of T3 liothyronine over the course of 96 hours, or 4 days. Prior studies had only shown effects up to 24 hours after administration.[3] Subjects were given an oral dose of T3 liothyronine. After 4 days, researchers noted a heightened level of various chemicals and compounds associated with increased thyroid activity.[3] Another study on daily oral doses of T3 liothyronine indicated slight increases in thyroid activity.[4]


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