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GHRP-6 has a well documented and understood mechanism of action. GHRP-6 is a synthetic peptide, and is an analog to met-enkaphalin. Met-enkaphalin is a compound that acts primarily on receptors in the gut, called ghrelin receptors. These receptors regulate hunger levels, as well as the release of human growth hormone.[2] When introduced, GHRP-2 increases the production of growth hormones by interacting with ghrelin receptors.[1] 

Scientific Studies

Studies have revealed potential links between GHRP-6 and higher levels of growth hormones. In a study on individuals with hypothyroidism, GHRP-6 was acutely administered intravenously. Levels of growth hormone were then monitored. Results appeared to indicate a correlation between GHRP-6 and greater levels of human growth hormone.[3] Another study on rats seems to corroborate with the prior findings. Following administration, growth hormone levels appeared greater.[4]










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