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ACE-083 is a synthetically engineered ligand trap, and works primarily by blocking signals that inhibit muscular growth.[2] Within the body, there are proteins that restrict muscle gain, called myostatins. In the absence of ACE-083, myostatins block chemical signals that lead to muscle growth. When administered, ACE-083 binds to the myostatins. This binding results in uninhibited muscle growth.[3] 

Scientific Studies

There have been multiple human and animal studies of ACE-083, pointing towards a correlation between its administration and local muscle growth. In one animal study, subjects were injected with ACE-083 twice per week, over four weeks. Findings indicated muscle growth localized to the site of injection.[2] Another study conducted on postmenopausal women provided similar findings. All 42 non-placebo subjects appeared to demonstrate higher muscle volume where ACE-083 was injected.[4] Both of these studies show that this peptide may promote higher rates of muscle growth. 







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