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PAL-GHK’s mechanism of action stimulates the release of two types of proteins: collagen and decorin.[3] Researchers have determined that topical application of PAL-GHK leads to it interacting with cells on the surface of the these interactions, PAL-GHK signals to receptors to increase production of collagen, the main protein in the structure of the human body, and decorin, a protein associated with the release of collagen.[3]

Scientific Studies

The skin healing and rejuvenating benefits of PAL-GHK have been studied in animals, and findings indicate a potential correlation. In 2007 study on rabbits explored these potential benefits. In the study, the skin of the subjects was injured with a laser. PAL-GHK and related compounds were applied to the site of the injury, daily for several weeks. At the end of the study, subjects’ wounds appeared to have healed quicker and more efficiently.[4]






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