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Epitalon works by elongating certain parts of the nuclei of cells.[3] In mitosis, the splitting and replication of cells, there is a phase called telophase. Within this phase, filaments called telomeres pull chromosomes apart. Over the span of a lifetime, telomeres shorten. This shortening is associated with aging and resulting diseases.[2] Epitalon effectively increases the activity of telomerase, and enzyme that modulates telomeres, and makes those telomeres longer.[3]

Scientific Studies

Studies have suggested that epitalon may be effective in the slowing of aging processes. In 2003, researchers injected mice with epitalon for five days each month, for three months. By the end of the study, lifespan enhancing effects were suggested. Compared to control groups, there was an approximate 10% increase in longevity. Also, cancer rates were appeared to be lowered.[4]


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